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Proceedings of the RCDL 2004

3 in 1: Meta-Search, Thesaurus, and GUI for Focused Web Information Retrieval.
Braslavski P., Shishkin A., Alshanski G.

From Relational Databases to OWL Ontologies.
Buccella A., Penabad M.R., Rodriguez F.J., Farina A., Cechich A.

Ontology reconciliation in terms of type refinement.
Kalinichenko L.A., Skvortsov N.A.

CYCLONET – a Database on Cell Cycle Regulation.
Kolpakov F.A., Deineko I., Zhatchenko S.A., Kel A.E.

Considerations on Policies of University Digital Collections.
Koulouris A., Kapidakis S.

Multilingual Systems: Grammar Acquisition by Machine Learning.
Kozerenko E.B.

Information Retrieval in digital Libraries of Music.
Leitich S., Rauber A.

RePEc and Socionet as partn ers in a changing digital library environment, 1997 to 2004 and beyond.
Parinov S., Krichel T.

Exploring the Semantic Types of the Relationships for Visual Query Development.
Ushakov A.S., Agapova O., Smith T., Gerber M., Ushakov A.A.

Retrieval of Time-Clock Properties from Referent Rows of the Astrometry Events.

Improvement of Operational Text Categorization Results with Visual Concept Query Refinement.
Mikhail S. Ageev, Boris V. Dobrov, Natalia V. Loukachevitch

The peculiarities of domain's model and ontology development for ambiguity detection in legal digital libraries.
A. Andreev, D. Berezkin, K. Simakov

Capabilities of ISIR technology in supporting of United Scientific Informational Space of RAS.
Bezdushny A.A., Bezdushny A.N., Nesterenko A.K., Serebriakov V.A., Sysoev T.M.

Proposals for metadata element sets for scientific information resources in USIS RAS.
Bezdushny A.N., Zhizhchenko A.B., Kalenov N.E., Kulagin M.V., Serebriakov V.A., Bezdushny A.A.

New Combined Relational Database for Digital And Bibliographycal Nuclear Spectroscopy Information.
I.N.Boboshin, D.D.Branetz, V.V.Varlamov, S.Yu.Komarov, Lee Jong Ju, N.N.Peskov, M.E.Stepanov, V.V.Chesnokov

University Information System RUSSIA: Subject-oriented Data Bases to Integrate Social, Economic, Budget Data at Federal, Regional, Local Levels.
Anna Bogomolova, Oleg Karasev, Ruslan Sennov, Tatyana Yudina

Classification and Experimental Comparision of Modern Dictionary Fuzzy Search Algorithms.
Leonid Boitsov

Digital Collection of Complex Amateur Expedition for Study of Tunguska Phenomenon.
Boyarkina A.P., Krivyakov V., Plekhanov G.F., Rodimova O.B., Sapozhnikova V.A., Fazliev A.Z.

IR Interaction: Myths, Reality and Basic Principles.
Nikolai Buzikashvili

Digital Library of Scientific Information of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science: status and perspectives.
Vladimir V. Vdovitsyn, Anatoly D. Sorokin, Natalia B. Lugovaya

Implementation of Information portal for supporting basic research result innovations.
Vezhnevets A.A., Bezdushniy A.N., Serebriakov V.A., Tsyganov S.A.

Digital library of multiversion documents.
Maxim Gubin

Integration of Grid segments with diverse infrastructure.
A. Demichev, V. Ilyin, A. Kryukov, L. Shamardin

The Development and Current Status of the Integrated Data Bank.
Zhelenkova O.P., Vitkovskij V.V., Mal'kova G.A, Plyaskina T.A., Shergin V.S.

Ontology-driven data integration and data mining in dynamic heterogeneous data sources.
Joutchkov A., Arnautov S., Tverdokhlebov N., Golisyn S., Strizh I.

The electronic catalogue of herbarium of the Kazan university.
N. Zin'kina, S. Lyubarsky

XML-technologies in Introduction into Scientific Circulation of the Document Collection “Moscowitica-Ruthenica”.
Ivanov A.S., Varfolomeev A.G.

National Virtual Center of Geophysical Data.
V. Ishkov, I. Kuzmin, E. Kharin

Creation of the portal on physical and chemical gas dynamics.
E.G.Kolesnichenko, M.Ju. Pogosbekian, A.L.Sergievskaya, D.I.Ivanov

The Research of Users' Behaviour in the Tasks of Scientific Search.
Korobkina Natalya

Provision of the Secure Information Exchange for the Limited Access Fund of Electronic Library.
Kuznetsov A.A.

Presentation of the ontology of the "Regional Water Resources" scientific collection.
V. Lebedev, V. Starkova, S. Bragin

Concept-Oriented Search In Digital Full-Text Library With Multi-Modal Extension.
Sergey Lyapin, Alexey Kukovyakin

About modeling interactive iterative search process in documental data base.
Maksimov N.V., Sviridenko S.V.

VAK Information system for science research and scientific personnel control support.
Maksimov N.V. Strogonov V.I.

Distributed data integration based on the Semantic WEB and Workflow technologes.
Nesterenko A.K., Sysoev T.M., Bezdushny A.A., Bezdushny A.N., Serebriakov V.A.

A Survey of Ontology Engineering Tools.
Ovdiy O.M., Proskudina G.Yu.

Creation of Information Retrieval Systems on collections of marine animals (fishes and invertebrates) in the Zoological Institute of RAS.
I.S. Smirnov, E.P. Voronina, A.L. Lobanov, A.A. Golikov, A.V. Neyelov

Problems of network and information services integration. Using LDAP directories.
A.V. Sozykin, G.F. Masich, A.G. Masich, A.N. Bezdushny

Russian WordNet development.
A.Sukhonogov, S.Yablonsky

Sigla: access portal to library resources.
Khokhlov A.Yu.

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