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Proceedings of the RCDL 2008

Tutorial: Preservation Planning with Plato. [slides]
Kulovits H., Rauber A.

RCDL'1999–RCDL'2008: DL, VDL, Semantic Web/GRID, GRID. [slides]
Shirikov V.P.

Solving Some Text Mining Problems with Conceptual Graphs. [slides]
Bogatyrev M.Y., Tuhtin V.V.

Technologies for Construction of Intelligence System for Data Analysis. [slides]
Barakhnin V.B., Fedotov A.M.

Conceptualization of Scientometric Data in Scientific Digital Libraries. [slides]
Zatsman I.M.

About Some Features of Perception the Electronic Document.
Schiliov V.D., Jeleva N.A.

Ontology for Thematic Search in Digital Library Collections. [slides]
Vdovitsyn V., Lebedev V.

Metadata in the management system of multilingual linguistic knowledge bases. [slides]
Luneva N.V.

The Use of References in Automated Accounting of the Availability of Literature and the Presentation of the Results of Search Queries. [slides]
Timonina L.S., Sharova T.S.

Automatic Construction of Terminological Knowledge Base. [slides]
Chanyshev O.G.

About Distributed Factographic Systems. [slides]
Marchuk A.

Application of Lexical-Syntactic Patterns to the Automation of Ontology Building Process.
Rabchevsky E.A., Bulatova G.I., Sharafutdinov I.M.

Electronic System Based on MS WSS for Harmonization of Terminology in Analytical Chemistry. [slides]
Shirokova V.I., Kolotov V.P. and Alenina M.V.

Analysis and Comparison of Systems for Heterogeneous Information Resources Integration. [slides]
Vovchenko A.E., Kalinichenko L.A.

Application of Upper Level Ontology for Mapping of Information Models. [slides]
Skvortsov N.A., Stupnikov S.A.

Open Digital Collections with Adaptive Visual Interface of Facet Navigation.
Obuhova Olga, Gershkovich Maxim, Biryukova Tatiana, Soloviev Ivan, Chochia Anton

Automatic Full-Text Documents Classifier Building. [slides]
Peskova Olga V.

The Effective Creating of Easy Updatable Text Indexes. [slides]
Veretennikov A.B.

Program Complex "Smalt". [slides]
Rogov A.A., Gurin G.B., Kotov A.A., Sidorov Yu.V., Surovcova T.G.

Concept of Volumetric Text.
Tupik N.V.

Automatic Compilation of News Stories Reviews. [slides]
Tarasov S.D.

On the Automatic Summarization Method Based on the Results of Automatic Text Classification. [slides]
Abramov V.E., Abramova N.N.

RESUMAGIC: Automatic CV Processing. [slides]
Safronov A.V.

Link Spam Detection. [slides]
Sharapov R.V., Sharapova E.V.

An Approach to Detection of Similar Documents Subsets. [slides]
Antonov A., Bagley St., Meshkov V.

Russian Blogspace Community Features Research. [slides]
Sychev A.V., Gadebskij I.A.

Ranking of Information Sources in the News Monitoring System Infostream. [slides]
Lande D.V., Brajchevskiy S.M., Darmokhval A.T., Morozov À.Y.

The Method of Clustering Texts Collections and Clusters Annotating.
Andreev A., Berezkin D., Morozov V., Simakov K.

Web Sites Automatic Categorization.
Maslov M., Pyalling A., Trifonov S.

Information System "Istochnik" E-Library Project for Storing Sets of Rules and Results in the Area of Texts Collections Analyzing. [slides]
Karginova N., Kravtsov I., Moskin N., Varfolomeyev

The Search Systems in Electronic Collection of Karelian Petroglyphs Images. [slides]
Rogov A.A., Rogova K.A., Spiridonov K.N., Bystrov M.Yu.

Information Distribution Algorithms for the Real-Time Image Search System. [slides]
Gostev I.M., Podgorbunsky A.G.

Nuclear Data Electronic Collections as Tools for Basic and Applied Research in the Field of Atomic Nuclei and Nuclear Reactions. [slides]
Boboshin I.N., Varlamov V.V., Komarov S.Yu., Peskov N.N., Stepanov M.E., Chesnokov V.V.

New Complete Electronic Chart of Data on Shape and Values of Atomic Nuclei.
Boboshin I.N., Varlamov V.V., Gangrsky Yu.P., Komarov S.Yu., Marinova K.P., Sultanov R.I.

Scientific and Organizational Digital Resources of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. [slides]
Borisovsky V.F., Korenkov V.V., Kuniaev S.V., Lenskaja N.A., Musulmanbåkov G.G., Nikonov E.G., Filoz

Program Library JINRLIB. [slides]
Popkova L.V., Sapozhnikov A.P., Sapozhnikova T.F., Fedorova R.N.

Unification of Data Structure for Field Research, Exploration and Resources Using of World Ocean. [slides]
Vyazilov E.D., Fedortsov A.A., Kobelev A.E.

Distributed Infrastructure Development of Satellite Data: Integrated Distributed Environment of Heterogeneous Information Resources for Earth Observation.
Kudashev E.B., Filonov A.N.

Geomagnetic Field Variations as the Part of Data Base in the Space Experiments for Magnetosphere Physics. [slides]
Zaitsev A., Petrov V., Odintsov V., Shilimov V.

Informational System Oriented on Weather and Climatic Data Representation in the Internet. [slides]
Lavrent'ev N.A., Fazliev A.Z.

Evolution of the Standard ZOOCOD — Concept of Reflection of Zoological Hierarchical Classifications in the Plane Tables of Relation Databases. [slides]
Lobanov A.L., Smirnov I.S., Dianov M.B., Golikov A.A., Khalikov R.G.

Deterministic and Ambiguous in the Identification of the Results of Astrometrical Observations of Pulsars. [slides]
Avramenko A.E.

Electronic Documents of Scientific and Technical Information in VNTIC System.
Golosov Y.I., Bragina G.A., Przyjalkovskaya M.N.

On Creation the Open Access Scientific Digital Library for Periodical of NASU. [slides]
Reznichenko V.A., Proskudina G.Yu., Kudim K.A.

Creation and Realisation Project of the City Library Portal Dubna Library. [slides]
Korenkov V.V., Nikonov E.G., Filozova I.A.

The Role of Traditional Libraries in Formation of the Problem-Oriented Information Communication Social Spaces.
Meshkov N.A., Sorokina L.P., Tsvetkova N.V.

Construction of the Digital Person Files Collection of the Students of Kazan University (1917–1925).
Amalieva G.G., Elizarov A.M., Salnikova A.A.

Scientifical and Educational Digital Libraries in Institutes of Higher Education. [slides]
Abrosimov A.G., Zuev D.S.

Results of Monitoring and the Basic Recommendations Concerning Development of Digital Libraries of High Schools.
Kotlyar E.A., Guzhelya D.Yu., Polikhina N.A.

Poster: Associative and Semantic Heterogeneity on Student Informational Perception and Methodological Approaches to its Formalization.
Talalaeva G.V.

Poster: The Environment of Semantic Web on the Basis of Replanning.
Novytskyi A.V.

Poster: Automatic Syntactic Analysis of Russian Texts.
Leontyeva An., Kagirov I.

Poster: Development of Automatic Indexation Methods for Natural Text Processing for Data Retrieval Systems.
Bevzov A.N.

Poster: Grouping Web-Users Based on Query Log.
Kiseleva Ju.

Poster: WAVELET-Function Processing Service for Remote Date Rows.
Korsakov E., Molorodov Yu.

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